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Art of Living

The territory of your comfort is not limited to your apartment. Each detail is important, as far as it concerns such masterpiece as the SAGA City Space.
  • A separate entrance from the side of Andriivska Street
  • Thought-out aesthetics and ergonomics of halls
  • Own patio for rest and private parties
  • Underground parking with access from Andriivska Street
  • Modern security system – video surveillance, electronic keys, access only for the residents of the building and their guests
An inimitative style of the building designed by the specialists of an architectural bureau Drozdov&Partners. Without exaggeration, they have managed to create a real masterpiece.
  • Conceptual modern architecture
  • Unique double-skin facade, made with the help of perforated brick laying
  • Organic integration of the building into the architectural ensemble of this historic street
  • Cafés, restaurants, co-working and a conference hall will be located in the building

(Русский) «Нашей целью было создать органично интегрировано в городскую среду место социальных активностей и коопераций, где все функции дополняют друг друга.

                   Перфорированная кирпичная кладка, в зависимости от времени дня, придает зданию два совершенно разных вида. При искусственном освещены фасад здания, выходящий на улицу Сагайдачного, становится частично пропускающим - благодаря застекленным конструкциям, которые «транслируют» то, что происходит внутри ».

Unique location of the building enables to constantly enjoy the beauty of the historic centre. And the developed infrastructure around the territory will satisfy any needs.
  • Large pedestrian space for strolling
  • Proximity to the Dnipro river and many historical monuments
  • Astonishing panorama of the Dnipro slopes
  • Many cafes, restaurants, bars, shops and service centres

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