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Apartments Collection

To make your moving to the new apartment even more enjoyable, we have solved all issues related to repair works: developed an exclusive design, picked furniture, decor and appliances. Each of the interiors is similar to a work of art and is named after the world-famous artist – Kazimir Malevich, Jackson Pollock and Vasily Kandinsky.

Kandinsky Apartment

Connoisseurs of art of Vasyl Kandinsky should look at KANDINSKY apartments. The interior is characterized by geometric shapes, restrained colours and unusual decorative elements. The highlight of the design is the use of textures of natural materials: wood and stone.

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Malevich Apartment

The avant-garde artist Kazimir Malevich created paintings in various styles: futurism, suprematism, impressionism, cubism, and has earned worldwide recognition. Inspired by the artist's work, the Italian designers have designed an interior that has many symbolic details: black squares on the wall, multi-coloured lines, red accents in the decor elements.

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Pollock Apartment

Pollock never used accidental colours in his paintings, so in the interiors of our apartments each element fills the space with comfort and functionality. The clarity of the lines, combination of warm and at the same time contrasting colours create all conditions for bringing you unparalleled pleasure from the design of your apartments every day.

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Warhol Apartment 0

A unique collection of 21 apartments combined with unmatched properties. Italian designers have developed four key styles of style that will be used in decorated apartments.

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SAGA City Space is the perfect option for those who want to be at the heart of the event and live in the same rhythm with the city. Everything here is for a comfortable and busy stay: the location in Podil, the stylish architecture, the developed infrastructure of both the area and the house and, of course, the opportunity to buy apartments with exclusive interiors.


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