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SAGA City Space

SAGA City Space is located in the center of the old city - in the heart of Podil among architectural masterpieces. Here, for connoisseurs of contemporary artists and creative architecture, we create an exclusive collection of apartments.

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SAGA Apartments

SAGA Apartments

Specific windows and spacious terraces, panoramic views of the Dnieper slopes and the St. Andrew's Church, the Smart Apartment system and five-star service all combine to offer unrivaled properties.

Collection of apartments

Podil Heart

Podil is called the heart of Kyiv, and Sahaidachnoho Street is called the heart of Podil. It is here, in the centre of the old city, near the Dnipro, where we create an exclusive collection of apartments, designed for genuine connoisseurs of art.

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Podil Heart Podil Heart


“Our goal was to create an organically integrated place in the urban environment for social activities and cooperatives where all functions complement each other.

Perforated brick masonry, depending on the time of day, gives the building two completely different views. When illuminated, the facade of the house, which goes out on Sahaidachny Street, becomes partially permeable - thanks to glazed structures that "broadcast" what is happening inside".

OLEG DROZDOV founder and chief architect of the architectural bureau “Drozdov&Partners”

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Living art

Living art

Public space

The territory of your comfort is not limited to your apartment. Each detail is important, as far as it concerns such masterpiece as the SAGA City Space.

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Essential advantages

To live at the SAGA apartments means to enjoy substantial advantages every day.

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Essential advantages Essential advantages

Day in SAGA apartments

Find out how the day goes by at SAGA City Space!

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Day in SAGA apartments Day in SAGA apartments

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